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Maria Buitenkamp, personal profile

Maria Buitenkamp is an independent consultant on strategies and innovation for sustainable development. She applies her expertise to shaping national and European policies. She co-operated with many organizations and key industrial and economic players on a wide range of projects.

For Friends of the Earth she initiated and guided the development of the Action Plan Sustainable Netherlands - which has gained a worldwide reputation and inspired many similar studies. She subsequently coordinated the Sustainable Europe Campaign. As campaign leader for sustainable development she worked to make the concept of sustainability more tangible by defining indicators and raising awareness amongst key actors.

But while thinking globally, Maria Buitenkamp does not lose sight of local action. During her career with a large number of NGO's, she has campaigned and lobbied on many specific issues, initiated and managed research and policy projects and provided communication with policy makers, the public and the media. With a Masters degree in biology and public information, she has always sought a sound basis in science for policy and communication.

In 2006 Maria Buitenkamp started an organic farm in addition to her consultancy work.


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